If you are a seriuos low band DX-er, you know about this big Quad.
Fullsize 3 element Quad for 80m with a 5ele 40m Quad interlaced.
Built in 1990 by company of Heinrich Lumpe DJ6LC.
It was 80m high at the upper spreader tips and weighted 1,7tons.
It is not known why the tower collapsed in the storm Friederike in January 2018.
The Quad has survived many stronger storms in the past 28 years.
Klaus was active in all major contests and has gathered an active group around him, Maybe DJ4AX and DJ9RR were his closest friend.
He shared his knowledge about Quads with the community and at the HamRadio show in Friedrichshafen we before the crash we have seen him often with a T-shirt that claimed “ I like my quads – they always keep me busy“.

Klaus, DJ4PT became  Silent Key on February, 20th 2019
RIP Klaus, thank you for your hospitality.

Newspaper article about Antenna crash