ISS-Alexander Gerst

listening to ISS Astronaut Alexander Gerst at the Kindergarden

I took some radio equipment to the afternoon daycare of my son Frederik.
4 element 2m Yagi and Yaesu FT817. listening on 145.800MHz where the ISS is active, more or less……those contacts are planned well ahead and the community knows when they took place….I offered to make this as an event for the kids and took me equipment to the parking lot in front of the kindergarden, where we had a good open view at the flightzone of the ISS….so after the ISS came above the horizon, we could hear the german astronaut Alexander Gerst in very good quality……

Frederik helped me with the antenna
ISS Kindergarten
the audience is listning.
ISS equipment
Ricardo shows the meteorites he found himself in Sweden using a metaldetector

a few weeks later I took the radio to the kindergarden of my daughter Klara and….

got on frontpage in local newspaper 17.Oct. 2018

I was at the kindergarten of my 5yr old daughter and we listened to ISS Astronaut Alexander Gerst talking to another school…. The kids had fun. My metal detector friend Riccardo showed them meteorites he found in Sweden this summer….space came right into the kindergarten… You can’t start too early to bring kids into the best hobby…… BTW, we made it on the front cover of the local newspaper and got nearly a full page with details about ham radio. Also my sponsoring for the upcoming yota event for cqww contest .

my kids Frederik and Klara who visit this kindergarden know about the equipment and assisted me  :-)
Riccardo showed a meteorite he found in Sweden, using a metal detector
signal was loud, so we easily heard Alexander Gerst talking to a school in Belgium

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