Installation for the new big tower in 2014 – a diary

see some pictures and details from the installation of my new antenna tower.

Dantronik 45m total, only 20m used, plus rotator pole

Pick up of the 6 tower elements from DJ7WW in Auetal

getting the tower in Dec. 2006 – it took me dammned 8 years to install the tower….“only“ over a year to get the permission…..

Big Tower pickup

tower preparations


September 22nd 2014 –
start with new tower foundation

on Monday 22.9.2014 I started with digging the hole for the foundation.
It took 8 hours.    4m x 4m x 2,10m depth.

foundation part / flange part

ELF delivered the galvanized flange parts

today 8.10.2014 was an exciting day!  the flange parts came back from galvanizing and Andre brought it from ELF to my home.
It looked so easy how he lowered the 300kg part into the pit. Roloff-Bau (concrete work) and ELF (welding) did a perfect job. Everything is levelled.. ……perfect 10 for both !


10. Oct. 2014 – 27 cubic metres = roughly 50 tons weight

today 27cubic metres of special quick mix concrete were poured into the pit.

installation of the tower ! 25.10.2014


HV-Schrauben / Bolts

KopfstückplatteDicke der
messer der
 der HV-Schrauben
Kopfstückplatte1,0 cm80 cm 2,6cm
3,5 cm
vom oberen Segment – obere2,5 cm80 cm32,6cm 
vom oberen Segment – untere3,0 cm95 cm33,1cm
vom mittleren Segment – obere3,0 cm95 cm33,1cm 
vom mittleren Segment – untere3,0 cm110 cm43,3cm
vom unteren Segment – obere3,0 cm110 cm43,3cm 
vom unteren Segment – untere3,5 cm125 cm43,3cm
vom Fundamentteil3,5 cm125 cm43,3 cm

Rotor Cage

Rotor Cage

both steel plates are 1cm thick
side tubes are OD  80mm x 80mm x 8mm wallthickness
height is 2m

weight ? dunno….but I can’t move it alone….
upper bearing: 110mm  wide reduces with POM 
many layers POM material 5mm = 5cm height as bearing
turn tube 88,9mm with 7mm wallthickness


Rotor: Prosistel PST-71

8. December 2014 – Rotor Cage before galvanizing Gallery

Turn pipe / antenna tube

turn pipe / antenna tube before galvanizing

6m long
9cm OD
9mm Wall
steps for klimbing
Flanges for Yagi and guy wires / double guy wires (boom)

antenna lift up !! 22.12.2014

we made it today !!!  3c   72km/h wind gusts, rain, hail,.-……   excellent WX !   trainingcamp for Bouvet !

cost for tower

tower – used1000 €  
transportSchnitzel and beer  
storage for 8 yearsmore Schnitzel and beer  
application by architect600€  
static calculation1200 €  
cost for application -> government600 €  
confirming the static calculation815 €  
attorney for discussions with government500 €  
new galvanizing of the tower3000 €  
transport to and from galvanizing320 €  
digging and evacuation of the dirt1900 € 
steel construction in concrete / flange1500 € 
steel, reinforcement and 27cbm concrete5700 €  
lightning protection1000  
HV bolts250 €  
party for new tower  not to mention 
rotor cage1000 €  
calvanizing rotor cage425 €
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