Attended a training camp in Uelsen, near PA border at the age of just 16 years.
I think I was the youngest among the group. 2 weeks studying technical things, laws, abbreviations, how to behave on the bands etc…..

My first call was DG8OAR and I was allowed to work VHF and UHF bands only, no HF Bandsyet…..The first QSO was held on 16.8.1989 with a local ham, DL1HG Winfried. Win was one of my elmers and I learnt a lot from him.
The second QSO with Eva DB3AS randomly via a 2m relais. Immedeately after my license, I started pracising morse code with Thomas DL6YEA. I wanted go go on HF bands as soon as possible. I did not want to stay on 2m for too long. I wanted to work HF DX and contest. It did not expect to work any VHF DX from my location, wich was good because therefore I really learnt CW fast and upgraded to DH2AAD ( 10m, 15m, 80m) on 16.12.1989 (just 4 month from 0 to 30BPM / 6WPM, thank you DL6YEA and DL3OBL (now AD5RQ) for training with me. In June 1990 I went to test session again to prove 60BPM / 10WPM morse code and got my Extra license DL2OBO (changed to DM9EE vanity call in 2013). In Summer 1990 DK9AB and DL2OBP helped me to install a small wall mounted tower with a 10m 3 element monobander. 10m was a blast in that sunspot cycle… worked the world

1989-License course