in June 2020 I started with an 8×11 element array for 430MHZ.
The yagis are the prototype yagis for the big DL7APV 128x11ele Array near Berlin.
Somehow I was so lucky to take over his 8 yagis from the test array.
With the help of DL7APV, Bernd and DF7VX, Hellmuth (who lives also in Holzminden) I try to set up an array for 70cm Moonbounce….
it is a long way to go ! please read from bottom to top……

  • 8 x 11 Element DG7YBN Yagi, built by DL7APV
  • Open wire feedlines, low loss. much better than coax . DL7APV built
  • Azimuth/Elevation Rotor BIG RAK
  • Antenna Relais HF5000 EME-Müller – factory revised June 2020
  • Pre-amplifier with MGF1402 GASFET and MSA110 , revised by DF7VX
  • Gain 32dB – Noise figure 0,32dB @ 21c (DF7VX)
  • sun noise: soon
  • TX Coax 7/8 Andrews abt 30m total attenuation 1,42dB
    RX Coax 1/2 Cellflex abt 30m total attenuation 1,8dB
  • TRX ICOM IC-9100 75watts
  • PA: Rohde & Schwarz DVB-T , re-built by DL7APV, soon QRV
  • WSJT-X , VK3UM, LiveCQ, HB9Q-Chat


DL7APV was my first ever QSO on EME, followed by HB9Q and later VK4EME.
40 watts output. manual antenna steering. I went up the roof at 4AM to check antenna position to work VK4EME, it was off by plenty degrees…. 🙂 the 3 above named calls really can decode qrp stations 🙂


The first EME signal received at DM9EE: of course:DL7APV just before moon set and Bernd had his lunch on the oven, but he switched on his TX and we could test our RX system.. great !

what a sunset!

  • I got antenna helpers ! 🙂

Buying a used relay and pre-amplifier

Used items have a risk. this time, I had bad luck and got an item that did not match the promises……the relay contacts were burnt and the GAS-FET was not as specified. I was very lucky to have DF7VX Hellmuth who saved me and changed a broken item into a working beauty…..

Array nearly assembled

2.54db Noise figure , not as promised
pre-Amp on the left, 5KW relay in the middle, directional coupler for SWR indication on the right, antenna in the middle