Bernd DL7APV is silent key (14.4.2024).

The moon isn’t the same anymore. But when I see the moon,
I remember a great ham. tnx all Bernd.
Bernd gave me his 8x11ele array. (the prototype of his 128x11array).
Of course Bernd was my 1st EME QSO.

DM9EE in front.
on DM9EE roof top.
inspecting DL7APV 8x11ele
prototype array 24.9.2022, just before diagnosed with cncr.

My last visit at his QTH was 6 weeks ago and we talked every other week on the phone or emailed. Also, my EME-elmer DF7VX just worked Bernd with his new balcony single yagi/300w setup a few weeks ago.
On saturday, 13.4.24 I texted Bernd about a possible sked with A8Ok for a new one, i tried to call him on sunday as he didn’T text back.
We are all shocked that the cancer came back. During my visit in march, he was so confident to get more time as he felt good and had a possible new treatment in sight. you never know.

DL7APV, Bernd near Berlin.
128 elements on 430MHz.
perfect terrain,
near to no neighbours,
beside that, Bernd is a great person.
please visit his homepage:

please visit his homepage:

Frederik DN5HR, DL7APV, DL7ON
Fritz, DL7ON joins us during our visit at DL7APV

Frederik sends his voice to the moon and we hear the echo after 2,6 seconds (2×385.000km= about 2,6 seconds) October 2019

I had to try it myself 🙂 during a visit in February 2020

I got 8 x 11element yagis from Bernd and try to set up a small array at home…..a long way to go, I know….