DL2OBO/6Y5 from Montego Bay
first (and last) time in the carribean (yet).
TS 940 and Hygain 14AVQ + a long wire….
Imagine to carry 22kg of TRX as hand luggage ? Stored between your feet all flight long ? flight time was?? 14 hours ???? economy plus was not invented then.
I nearly lost my antenna at the custom at Montego Bay airport.
I told him, you can call Lloyd Alberga in Kingston right now: He nows that I am coming today. Showed him my license 😉
Coral Cliff was a nice hotel. No direct beach access but nice and quiet rooms.
I remember a street parade and drinking red stripe. Wondered why the amercan tourists were to enlighted to drink alcohol on the streets.. I mean, wee do it since we are kids 😉 legally…
To a tour to Negril. Went to a restaurant owned by a swiss chef, somewhere up hill.
got a sunburn on my feet first day. I remember the public beach (with entry fee) and „punch“ cocktails…or „Zombies“ ?