here you find all ham radio related pictures from Madeira
From Hotel Pestana in Funchal I was mainly QRV in FT8, only some CW QSOs.
From CQ3W Santana Conteststation I was QRV in SSB and CW and FT8 was running parallel (only late evening 2.1.2024 until late morning of 4.1.2023 .

26.12.23 arrival in Funchal Hotel PEstana. The first family room was on the ground floor with no good antenna possibilities. We asked to change to a room in a higher floor. But not possible better than 2nd floor but with a better view. Simple balcony antenna with random wire and auto tuner CG3000. FT991 and 20-100 watts. mostly about 50w output from the Pestana Hotel. never ending pile ups on 30m from JA. unbeleivable good DX possible from the balcony…..

QTH Santana CQ3W: Contest station of RRXDA. I was booked in for 2 nights and had the chance to use their great station with beams and amplifiers. I enjoyed huge pile ups and a lot of DX in CW and SSB. FT8 was running in parallel.