our round trip Poland and Czech Republic

We started for a holiday to Kalisz (SP), where my grandmother was born. My mother has never been there, so I wanted to show her the places I already visited in 2012 with JA5AQC. A journey in the past. Meeting old and new friends. some for the last time SP3DOI (+)

We started with a quick visit at Funktechnik Dathe. A good shop for ham radio equipment in DL. Frank is a great person and helped to repair my Tarheel mobile antenna. I think I also bought a new radio. you can never have too many radios…

then we stood two nights in a beautiful Hotel in Prague. A great city. Two days is by far not enough to see all of it…..

On our way to Kalisz we had a short visit at SP9QMP. thanks for your time Pjotr !

We checked in at our Hotel in Oswiecim where we met with Adam’s DL1AP friend and had BBQ

we had a very nice hotel to stay.

Energylandia is a fun park not far from Oswiecim

But Oswiecim is known for the concentration camp during german occupation.
We have to accept our dark history and learn from it.

We met Leszek SP3DOI (silent key in Aug 2020) and his familiy in Ostrow

Kalisz is a large city where we were based during our excursions to the cemeteries and the church where my grandmother was born and lived during her childhood.

We visited many of the smaller villages and old abandoned german cemeteries in the forrests, cleaned the head stones and took pictures. pictures were ent to historical groups and they were put into a catalogue. In Kalisz we really found head stones of our ancestors.

our next stop was in Czech republic again and meet with DM5XX at OL7M