2hours and 5 Minutes form Holzminden to Frankfurt Airport. Autobahn was free!
Flight to Chicago. Take off 8:30AM. 8:30hours flight time.
All 4 family members travelling this year 🙂 no one lost.
No Problem with Passport or Esta! wtf…. happy familiy
Economy premium Seats. Enough leg space for the large guy.
No phone was lost during this flight.
We were a bit dissapointed to get a Volvo XC40 as our rental car and NOT a US brand.
But after a few hours driving the Volvo, we knew, we have got the best from all other cars that they could offer to us. Largest trunk of all. We really would have run into space problems after the ham fest, with all the shopping 😉
Mobile Internet in the Volvo Radio. free google maps!!! Great seats and fast USB-C charger!
From the Airport we drove directly to the Hilton Homewoods near Wabash and Grand Avenue. Our nice corner Suite on the 17th of 19th floors had a view to the Skyline.
Btw.: our Hotel was one of the smaller buildings 😉 Parking space vis-a-vis booked online. CHEAP when booked ahead (1 hour). Paid 17 USD for 24 hours. unbelievable. We also saw rates at 75USD. For parking only! no car detailing included!
Made a first short sightseeing tour around the hotel and near Chicago River.
Lunch at Kyuramen.